Jimmy is currently away on a tattoo tour. He was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, 1972. He began drawing at the age of three. By the time he was eight he already had art on display in Seattle, Washington and the Taj Mahal. Jimmy's family relocated to California in 1983. Jimmy began tattooing in 1989, and after a brief stint in the navy resumed tattooing in 1992, for Fat Joe at Jade Dragon Tattoo in Chicago. At this time Jimmy began taking tattooing very seriously and spent the next several years honing his craft by working at many different tattoo shops all over the country.

In 2002, Jimmy took some time off due to a car accident while working for Shawn Warcot and Mike Trike at Empire Tattoo. He ended up on the Central Coast of California, tattooing occasionally while recuperating in physical therapy. By 2004, Jimmy was tattooing again full-time, working at a multitude of shops. Which included shops in the US and abroad: Southern California, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, and England.

In 2006, Jimmy worked at Miami Ink as part of their mercenary artists crew and started traveling and spending time in Japan; developing a deep connection with Japanese tattoo art. At this time Jimmy teamed up with Dan Dringenberg, with whom he created the first Coffin Tattoo machines in late 2006.

Aside from Tattooing, Jimmy loves to create fine art. He has done a lot of promo art and merchandise design for different bands and company's including: Paul Yaffe Custom's in Phoenix, AZ, U.S. Bombs, Demented Are Go, Frantic Fattops, Agent Orange, The Misfits, Guana Batz, Hank III, Flogging Molly and many others. Jimmy's Work has been published in numerous publications including Tattoo Burst (Japan), Juxtapoz, Burnout (Japan), Tribal (Japan), and many others.