Alex has worked as a professional tattoo artist for the past 20 years. Originally based out of Chicago's largest street shop "Tattoo Factory," he moved to the Central Coast in October 2014. He is incredibly skilled in traditional flash, horror, pin-up art, portrait work, as well as drawing completely original ideas that clients have when they can't find exactly what they're looking for on the internet. And if you're looking to cover an old tattoo with a new piece, Alex is absolutely the cover-up king! Cover-up work requires a special talent all on it's own, which Alex has mastered over the years. Whether it's working around an older piece to give it new life, or putting an entirely new piece over an existing one, Alex is the artist you'll want to see for the job. Outside of inking human beings, Alex was also the first tattoo artist to ever successfully tattoo leather back in 2008. He ran his own tattooed motorcycle seat business (Electric Solos) out of Chicago, where he was recognized in publications throughout the US, Europe, and Japan for his inventiveness and originality. With his years of experience and client satisfaction, you will be in good hands with Alex.