Located in Santa Maria, Copper Coffin is the premier shop for all styles of tattooing on the Central Coast of California.

Not all tattoos are created equal. Sure ink on your skin is ink on your skin, but there's a big difference between a personal portrait  and some tribal markings, between religious iconography and Celtic knotwork, between lush, colorful Japanese scenes and traditional American flirty pin-ups and anchor-hung ships. Fortunately for ink-seekers, Copper Coffin handles them all, with a healthy dose of floral designs, animals, and patterns thrown in for good measure. The artists emphasize high quality work, professionalism, and cleanliness-all good things from people coming at you with a needle!

- Ryan Miller, New Times Best of 2013


(805) 310-4536


104 West Chapel St.
Santa Maria, CA 93458


Mon-Sat 12pm–9pm
Sun Closed